Monday, June 24, 2024

Kompas Research and Development: 72.4% Confident Prabowo Can Complete IKN Development

Kompas Research and Development (Litbang Kompas) conducted a survey on public confidence in the new administration of President-elect Prabowo Subianto and Vice President-elect Gibran Rakabuming in addressing national issues. Regarding the completion of the National Capital City (IKN) development, the survey revealed that 72.4 percent of respondents expressed confidence. This survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews by Litbang Kompas from May 27 to June 2, 2024. A total of 1,200 respondents were randomly selected using a systematic stratified sampling method across 38 provinces in Indonesia.

Using this method, with a 95 percent confidence level, the margin of error of the research is approximately 2.83 percent under simple random sampling conditions. The survey was fully funded by Harian Kompas.

The survey showed that the public believes the new administration will be capable of addressing issues related to the economy, such as job availability, food supply issues, and dependency on food products. The majority of respondents also believe that various macroeconomic problems and real economic needs faced by the public daily will improve.

Furthermore, 72.4 percent of respondents are confident that the Prabowo-Gibran administration will be able to complete the IKN development. Regarding the free nutritious meal program, 57.3 percent of respondents believe that the program will be realized. "Various economic issues of the community, such as job availability, food supply and dependency issues, and the free lunch program, are believed to be well-executed," wrote Litbang Kompas in the survey, as stated in a press release received on Saturday (June 22, 2024).

"Specifically related to the free lunch program, for example, more than half (57.3 percent) believe it will come to fruition." The survey also showed public confidence that the Prabowo-Gibran administration can make Indonesia better in several aspects.

A total of 83.6 percent of respondents are confident that Prabowo-Gibran can elevate the dignity of Indonesia on the international stage; 83.6 percent are confident that national defense will be strengthened, and 69.0 percent believe that food self-sufficiency will be achieved.

Additionally, 67.6 percent are confident that the added value of natural resource processing (downstreaming) will increase; 64.8 percent believe in the eradication of corruption, and 62.4 percent are confident that job opportunities will increase.

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