Thursday, June 27, 2024

West Java Police Chief Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Construction of 2 Buildings at Bogor Police Station

West Java Police Chief (Kapolda Jabar) Inspector General Akhmad Wiyagus attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of two buildings at the Bogor Police Station. Wiyagus expressed his gratitude to those who provided grants for the construction.

"As the head of West Java Regional Police, I would like to express my highest appreciation to the Bogor Regency Government, which has granted the funds to the Bogor Police Station. This shows the community's concern for the Bogor Police and its ranks," Wiyagus said in his speech on Wednesday (June 26, 2024).

"Therefore, through the Bogor Regency Government and the approval of the Chairman of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD), the grant for the construction of two buildings was given. The first is a public service building, and the second is a residential building," he continued.

The buildings have a total budget of around IDR 72 billion, with IDR 34 billion allocated for the public service building and IDR 38 billion for the residential building. "The aim is to improve the quality of public services, which is our institution's duty. The primary task of the police is to provide protection, guidance, and services to the community, as well as fair law enforcement," he said.

Wiyagus stated that this would be a challenge for his members, as the people of Bogor Regency expect an improvement in service quality with the new construction. "This is a challenge for us. The people of Bogor, of course, hope for an improvement in public service quality," he said. He also reminded the contractors to work properly, as the responsibility lies with the public. "This is not a small budget. Therefore, I hope the contractors will introduce themselves and their company through their quality work," he emphasized.

"Ensure that these two buildings meet the specifications. Why? Because the responsibility is to the public. This is the money of the people of Bogor Regency, entrusted to the Bogor Regency Government, and then granted to the Bogor Police Station," Wiyagus added. He also asked the Head of the District Attorney's Office (Kajari) of Bogor Regency to oversee the construction to prevent any misuse of funds. Wiyagus urged the contractors not to be afraid if there are any interferences. "The Kajari is here, please oversee this project. Ensure that there is no leakage of funds during this construction process. If any interference occurs, report it to me, whether it is internal or external," he said.

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