Step Cube EXCLUSIVE From Max Rent Indonesia!

Max Rent Indonesia introduces equipment with the latest innovation called Step Cube. This equipment is not available in Indonesia and is being introduced for the first time here. In Japan, many companies are already using Step Cube as stairs or others stepping tools during projects.

The Step Cube is highly useful when temporary stairs are needed to access small areas. This equipment can also serve as a substitute for scaffolding, thus making it more efficient in its usage. Its minimalist design makes the Step Cube easy to carry and assemble. It weighs only about 6.1 kg with a load capacity of 1.47 kN. Installation is also straightforward, resembling the assembly of puzzle pieces between one Step Cube and another. With this equipment, users are expected to utilize the necessary tools more effectively on project sites, potentially making costs more efficient compared to renting scaffolding. Max Rent Indonesia continuously provides innovative solutions to support our customers in their businesses, making customer satisfaction our primary responsibility. Contact Max Rent Indonesia's call center now and get attractive offers for this Step Cube.


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PT Max Rent Indonesia has been established in September 2023 in Tangerang, Indonesia. In Collaboration with Rent Corporation, Marubeni Corporation and PT Exxa, we support construction projects and installation of production facilities by renting a wide range of construction and industrial equipment in necessary time for necessary period. We are committed and rooted in the Indonesian market and grow with our customers.

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