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Press Release

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) and Rent Corporation (hereinafter, “Rent”) have established a joint venture company named PT. Max Rent Indonesia in partnership with local entity PT. EXXA Capital (hereinafter, “EXXA”), which operates and develops businesses involving used construction machinery sales, construction machinery rentals, logistics, and automobile auctions, to provide construction and industrial machinery rental services in the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter, “Indonesia”) set to be launched in December 2023. In recent years, Indonesia has continued to actively invest in infrastructure development and expand its construction market. Major industrial parks have also seen expansive growth, mainly in the Jakarta metropolitan area (Indonesia’s most populous metropolitan area and home to its national capital), and investment in the manufacturing industry has been booming. However, the availability of safe, high-quality equipment is limited, resulting in unmet needs and inefficiencies at construction and industrial sites. PT Max Rent Indonesia therefore aims to address the evolving needs of diverse job sites and contribute to improved work efficiency by leveraging the networks and capabilities of the participating three companies and offering a wide range of well-maintained equipment with excellent safety features. This collaborative effort will help bridge the gap in the availability of reliable machinery for construction and industrial use. Both Marubeni and Rent bring respective expertise and extensive experience to PT. Max Rent Indonesia. Marubeni has long been involved in major infrastructure projects in Indonesia, contributing to the country’s economic development, while Rent has an excellent track record of providing construction and industrial equipment rental services in Japan and Thailand, contributing to improved safety and efficiency at construction and industrial company job sites. The two companies have also collaborated previously, establishing the joint venture company MaxRent Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam, in September 2022, which provides construction and industrial machinery rental services. Through this latest joint venture establishment, Marubeni and Rent will continue to deepen their collaborative efforts, leveraging their expertise and capabilities to contribute to the further development of Indonesia.

Joint Venture Overview Company Name : PT. Max Rent Indonesia
Location of Head Office: Tangerang, Indonesia
Establishment: September 2023
President Director: Fumiaki Hasegawa
Business: Construction and Industrial Machinery Rental Services

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